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When I Was a Boy

I found these two YouTube videos of pictures people have put to music and happily discovered the song When I Was a Boy, by Dar Williams. I love this ‘sensitive tomboy’ song! (the pictures are good, too) The ending is especially nice, so, guys, don’t think this song isn’t for you, too.

Both of these have the same exact song but the first one has more of a feminist theme to the pictures.


Don’t Be Shy

I love this song! It just makes me feel happy and brave.

I always liked Cat Stevens (who now goes by Yusuf Islam), his songs ‘Morning Has Broken,’ ‘Father and Son,’ ‘Moonshadow,’ ‘Oh Very Young’… but I’d never heard this one before watching a funky movie called Harold and Maude (it’s old, came out in 1971) a couple years ago. ‘Don’t Be Shy’ may be one of his best songs, if not my favorite.

The first of what you see below is the song as it was produced for the Harold and Maude movie soundtrack. The second is a demo version of ‘Don’t Be Shy,’ but his voice is amazing in it.