Something Good for Me (All of Us) to Remember

by julie swanson

What follows (from is a great thing for me to remember–as an author who hates self-promotion, but who’s writing something that I think will help a certain niche of people/kids/girls (thank you, Steve Chandler and Entheos! Too good not to share): 





“When self-promotion is done right, it’s help.
Help everyone.”

~ Peter Shankman

There is a village and you are its newest resident. You have just moved to this village.

You are a doctor.

You don’t tell anyone you are a doctor because you don’t want to come across as looking superior to the other villagers. So you settle into your small home in the village. The neighbors like you because you are humble and self-effacing.

One night you hear a disturbance in the cottage next to yours. Human voices. Some yells, then silence. You look out your window. All seems quiet. All seems okay.

The next morning you see an ambulance pull away from their door. You step outside and ask what happened. A little girl died last night. She had a seizure and no one knew what to do. The nearest hospital is 100 miles away. She died.

You could have saved her life. Rather easily. But they didn’t know you were a doctor.

Self-promote? I’d rather die. Or let other people die.

It is a service for people to know who you are and what you do. It is not bragging. Stay focused on whether something is a service. Not on whether you will be “liked” or not.