Oceanside Glass Mosaic Mirror Frame

by julie swanson

IMG_0802 (1)I made these mosaic mirror frames out of Oceanside Glass Tile’s Tessera ‘Beach Blond’ mosaic blend, peppered with a few seashells. You can’t really tell how cool the iridescent tiles are in this photo , but when you hang them in a place where the natural light hits them right, they come to life.

I’ve gotten really into making mosaic mirror frames and tabletops, mostly out of glass tiles I pick up at tile stores, in the ‘artist bins’ they keep out back, where they sell random leftovers and old samples for next to nothing. But sometimes I splurge when I can find Oceanside glass tile in the colors I want on sale (go to www.xsstudio.net/info.html for discount Oceanside tiles). I also use non-glass tiles if they are a great color, polished stones, shells… It takes forever to make these things, to crack and cut tiles, to polish sharp edges, fit them together in a pleasing design… ‘glue’ them down, grout it when it’s done… Sometimes I go random in design and don’t plan it out and just ‘glue’ them down as I go. Other times I plan and set them down ahead of time for a less abstract/chaotic look or if I want to make recognizable symbols or pictures. But I tend to be stiff in my artwork and find the random mosaic designs are a good exercise for me and turn out better anyway.

It’s really fun and satisfying to play with the colors, designs, and shapes. Oceanside glass is such gorgeous, high-quality stuff, the best I’ve found (but sharp! Watch your fingers). I like their Tessera line for its rustic irregularity and artsiness (in the mirror  frame on the left); their look lends itself better to mosaic. The mirror on the right has Oceanside’s ‘Muse’ line of tiles in it, which are more uniform in shape and surface finish, and have slightly rounded edges.