Isn’t She Adorable?

by julie swanson


I found this picture of my mom while looking through old family photos over Mother’s Day weekend. It’s a big picture, 11 x 14, and I must’ve seen it before, but if I did, I didn’t remember it as anything special, whereas this time it really hit me. Not only how beautiful it is, or how beautiful she was (well, she still is, but not like this), but that it was stuffed in a big manila envelope with a bunch of other old photos, unprotected–a treasure with a tear in it and bound to get more. That it had never been framed for people to look at and enjoy, what a shame! I wanted to frame it. I said so. My step-father said, no, I’ll frame it. And he was nice enough to send me a copy of it a week later, so I could have my very own to frame. I’m in the process of framing it now. Can’t wait to hang it up.

Something about this picture. It’s Innocence, Purity, Peace, Calm, Trust. She’s so natural and at ease. Those eyes, that hair, the little cross, the posture and fat rolls. She’s an angel. Just looking at her makes me feel good. I had to share her.

Happy Birthday Grandma Ag, thought we’d celebrate with a picture of your baby.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dennis!