Sounds True

by julie swanson

imgresJust wanted to pass along the link to a site where I’ve found many fascinating and important topics discussed, by many highly regarded people. These  include Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Marion Woodman, Eckhart Tolle, Jack Kornfield, David Whyte, Adyashanti, Brene Brown, Colin Tipping, Ken Wilber, Ken Cohen, Stephen Cope… to name just a few.

I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot checking out their offerings on creativity, spirituality, psychology, meditation, yoga, health, aging…

You can not only buy (CDs or downloads of) music, audio recordings of lectures, classes, and workshops… but you can also listen to samples of them. And if you sign up for them, you’ll be sent free weekly things you can listen to or read in order to learn more about the people Sounds True features. They also have a program called Direct Access, where just for signing up for it, you get access to their archives of free podcasts, interviews, and articles.

Yes, they’re trying to sell things, but there’s something very giving and unselfish about Sounds True–sometimes it’s easy to forget it’s a business, and I feel like it exists more primarily just to help people out and share good ideas and  make the world a better place.