The Art of Drunk Bay

by julie swanson

First of all, let me say this art is really hidden. Drunk Bay is off the beaten path, probably not a hot destination since it’s a really rocky beach where the surf pounds continuously and harder than anywhere else we saw in St. John, so you can’t swim there and it’s hard to crawl around the outcroppings at the Ram’s Head end of Drunk Bay and it’s not on the way to anywhere else. Which is a shame because a lot of people probably miss this very informal and impromptu display of art that absolutely anyone is welcome to contribute to. Very creative…

At first I was like, What is this–some sort of burial ground? Are those babies’ bones or old dolls scattered on those outcropping of rock? Is this the Island of Misfits?

Everywhere we looked, we saw little white or light-colored bodies against the dark rocks.




But then I saw that these were whimsical creations made out of coral, rock, and driftwood, with hair and mustaches made out of pieces of coconut shell…

Steve's favorite, smoking a coral cigarette and all.

Steve’s favorite, smoking a coral cigarette and all.