Does THE TROUBLE WITH MAY AMELIA live up to its predecessor?

by julie swanson

My third and final review of recently-discovered sequels to books I love:


In checking on something before writing a post recommending Our Only May Amelia, by Jennifer L. Holm (I always misspell her name as Holms or Holmes!), I saw that a sequel to it had come out that I’d not known about–The Trouble with May Amelia. So I eagerly ordered it and just finished it.

It’s been over ten years since I read the first story, Our Only May Amelia, but it felt like I slipped right back into the state of Washington, along the Nasel River in 1900, right back into May Amelia’s family, right back on their farm and into their one-room school house. The story seemed to be written in a different style than what I remembered (no quotation marks around dialogue, very sparsely written) and yet it was the same May Amelia I remembered loving. I don’t like giving away story-lines–jacket flap already does that more than needed–so I’ll just say this story doesn’t shy away from the reality that sometimes the people we love can be mean and never really change to become who we hope they will, …and I really liked it and think any tomboy more nearly the age of May Amelia in the story (12) will love it. I give it a 4.8 out of five stars. So, yes, The Trouble with May Amelia lives up to the story it continues. It did not disappoint.

***(having said that, what’s up with the cover art? Does that girl look like she’s 12? Does that girl look like a character in a story who is often mistaken for a boy? I get that you want a book to appeal to the masses, but…)

5 stars1