12/21/12, a Time of BIG Change? Let’s Hope So… Let’s Make It So

by julie swanson


the end of time1

Much has been said about this date as a milestone, and what it might mean. Besides noting that the sky seemed especially bright when I stepped outside this morning at 7:45 (my son remarked on it as well, that the daylight seemed more like what you’d expect in the afternoon), that and the flickering of our power this morning due to some heavy winds that must’ve been affecting an electric line, today seems like any other  bright Virginia winter day. And yet I hope it is different, becomes different yet. There’s a lot of weird stuff going on, tangible and intangible. I see it in our national and world news. I see and feel it in the people around me, in myself. It’s been a rough week.

I hope we can all take a timeout today, each in our own private way, to stop and think how we could all be more aware of each other, how we could be there for each other. Was talking to my daughter this week about the school shooting in CT; she, like many, was so affected by it, and she was saying how she wished she could DO something to help, and I thought about how–other than lobbying for gun control–there isn’t really anything most of us can immediately do to help, except pray, or send out loving vibes to those people (which I think is the same as praying). Let’s see if we can find some Peace on Earth, if we can send it out to each other in whatever minimal form we’re capable of today.

I apologize to anyone who’s felt my agitation. Trying to redirect myself. Going to take my timeout. May we all have restful and rejuvenating holidays.